Friday, July 29, 2016

Private Brand Analysis 7Select and their Organic Sweet Tea

(7/29/2016) --- As consumers tend to go and find products that we are familiar with. Brand acquisition and branding can be the best tools in a company to position themselves in the market; even if in the behavior of consumers, they are feeling tempted to pay more for a retailer brand because they can sense quality.

As consumers tend to move towards certain patterns in their shopping habits, such as focusing on their health but also consumers tend to go on what it gets their attention. It is not a big secret that on a retail environment, brands pay grocers to position their products on a spot that will generate revenues, but also the design of the products or goods has to be "flashy" enough to catch the attention and spark the interest of the purchase.

7-11 is a well-known brand towards the United States; many people probably had seen and been at a 7-11, they form part of the Americana pop culture but also many people had engaged business towards the store goods besides purchasing gas. I won't deny, I had purchased certain private goods from them and enjoy them (7-11, Private Brand).

Towards the year 2015, the company added certain products such as pizzas and expanded their brand to the sub-brands of GoYum! and GoSmart! The products are actually fair priced and tasty; towards the GoSmart which is their marketing option that appeals for consumers that seek "healthier options". In their line, they started to experiment with teas, organic teas, which towards flavor and body they aren't actually as good as any national brands.

The position they give on their stops shelves isn't actually the most proper one, they are almost placed on the bottom or far away from expensive brands. Why I am calling a product with the "organic" seal good, even if other products without that seal are probably even better? Because one aspect is the price, is actually cheap and second is the flavor. It is refreshing to see something that taste nice and also that is not expensive on a convenience store and it can be appealed to the public, not because the "organic strategy" to sell but rather because of it's affordability.


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