Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dad's Old Fashioned Products Evaluation Analysis

Dad's Old Fashioned Brand
(8/7/2016) --- I have been an enthusiast of home-brew soda's; I can't deny I find them fascinating. Even I learned how to do my own back at home but there are plenty of national brands in the market such as Dad's Old Fashioned line of products.

Dad's product line is quite amazing but the presence in Florida fails short and they are almost impossible to find; there aren't even advertising on television and on newspapers. Much of the reason I discovered this brand is solely based that it started selling at Publix (which is my supermarket of choice).

The product itself got my attention because it was colorful and as I mentioned before I love sodas; after some curiosity I started to find information that was available about the product and market expansion in Florida, as well the online presence and channels used from the company to position their brand with the general audience.

The company was founded in 1937, but operations had been mostly set in Chicago and started expanding to national markets in 2007 (Dad's Root Beer - History) but the online presence of the company is minimal, the benefits of knowing the online metrics could involve a potential expansion on different areas as well knowing which products could be allocated in each region and explore opportunities such as introducing the products to new audiences.

A major setback is that without a physical proof of the product it should be noticed that cognitive-dissonance could be mixed in, in order to know what the customers think through sampling, which can be used to gather feedback but also encouraging the customers to leave any reactions to the product online and ask them to visit the website but also social media (Clow 2015).

The expansion on social could be critical as more people are engaged into reviewing the products using social channels, such as Instagram in which people are using the #dadsrootbeer hashtag but there is no Dad's profile on Instagram; Facebook and Twitter don't count with a wide presence either; Facebook barely having 6,000 engaged in the brand and Twitter a roughly 1,000 followers. 


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