Sunday, November 27, 2016

Good Eats Sultan's Sweets at Busch Gardens

Sultan Sweet's Second Facade
11/26/2016 --- Hello everyone, I know I haven't wrote anything in a while but I was in the need of a long break in order to gain some strengths and to continue with my idea of entertain you, as well finding good places, to tourist, to enjoy and to eat around Florida.

When I first started to blog about food many years ago, my idea was to show some cool easy to make recipes as well to eat as much as I could outside within a budget; it took me an effort to socialize again and to go out and enjoy the world. Even if the world sometimes doesn't look as a friendly place, there is still plenty of places to do and discover.

Almost for a year, I been enjoying the idea of going to theme parks on a regular basis; I won't deny it, I do enjoy it a lot but going outside and drive too much it is not an option at the moment, albeit on the near future I would love to spend some time in Universal Studios as well around Magic Kingdom.

Sultan Sweet Merchandise Display
I won't deny that many years, almost a decade ago food in theme parks was actually quite tasteless and over priced, it is still over priced but that is one of the points where they make a profit besides the souvenirs. Over the past decade food has improved on almost every theme park, up to the point that is actually worth of saving some money and explore the food joints that are on the different theme parks around Florida.

On our first trip we are going to start exploring around Busch Gardens food venues as well the different rides that constitute the entertainment factor of the park, but food can be a nice incentive to hunt around the different venues.
Display of Candies
They serve different varieties of candies, I essentially went insane for about 20 minutes when I saw everything but reality struck after seeing some of the prices, yet I won't deny that I went for a small piece of orange cream fudge and it was amazing, deliciously amazing, it was full of sugar and orange natural flavor, that I can't describe it within a simple paragraph.

Another good aspect about this location is that they sell coffee, Starbucks brand but to be honest who wants coffee when you are in a paradise full of candy?

More candy,really more candy!
The best part the confectionery is that everything is made on the premises, but God, they have a lot of nice items, incredible nice items that are just amazing. If I knew my sugar levels would go to the roof and I would be set into a diabetic coma I would enjoy all of the items and scream in pleasure and ecstasy.

The enviroment of the cafeteria is mostly oriented into an old American confectionery shop that is blended into an area that tries to emulate some of the Marrakesh architecture but is mostly fusion between an international style and old Americana.