Saturday, December 3, 2016

Busch Gardens Where to Eat Twisted Tails Pretzels

Twisted Tails Pretzles Facade
 12/01/2016 ---- "It is the most wonderful time of the year" I swear I don't believe those words anymore because there is a point at the end of the year where the flux of people just make impossible to travel around freely or go almost anywhere without feeling trapped in a theory of Temple Gradin about cattle.

That is unfortunately the ultimate reality about theme parks, they can be overcrowded on the peak seasons that is quite difficult to travel around; but, whenever is almost any other time of the year is just amazing to go to a theme park when is not crowded.


Twisted Tails Pretzels is in the hub of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, in the heart of Pantopia, right next to Falcon's Fury. We aren't going to talk about Falcon's Fury yet, we are leaving the rides for another series of entries, Today we are going to talk about why pretzels are awesome and why is worth stopping on this joint to enjoy a pretzel or a pretzel dog.

You need to know that finding a good pretzel spot is unique, and enjoying a good pretzel in a nice enviroment can be difficult; but, God! finally deciding to take a chance and enjoy the food after many years of ignoring it because around a decade ago theme park food sucked, in almost every single theme park had overpriced food that wasn't even remote edible.

Yes, the food is still pricey but is one of the spots where the theme parks make much of their profit besides memorabilia and souvenirs. Probably, after living in Florida for almost ten years, I enjoyed some things that I wanted to do when I was a tourist and I have to confess "there are plenty of interesting things to do in a State that is mostly oriented to tourism and it was essentially the idea I got  when I decided to open this blog many years ago"

The Pretzels
The pretzels are just fantastic, probably my favorite one is the Pretzel Dog but the Cinnamon Pretzel is not far behind, One tip of advice I recommend to everyone is to purchase a commemorative mug and buy the refill package for the entire day, it can be on a long run cheaper since the single small drinks cost almost 4 dollars each and the mug is 12, especially on a hot day or when you are eating there you can save some cash towards the fountain drinks.

They also sell small containers of spicy mustard and cheese, that you can put on the pretzels. Also, this food join is the only one I'd seen some commemorative jars to Falcon Fury that I haven't even spot on Emporium or any other place on the theme park; which it could be a good memorabilia to purchase eventually.

One aspect that is cool about this place, is what we mentioned earlier "you can sit below Falcon's Fury and enjoy the riders going up and down, also is one of the best spots with some shade around the theme park.

Pretzel Dog and Chips
Is probably true, knowing a theme park in three days won't be completely possible, because you can miss small shows, food venues, some rides as well some other events and entertainment that the park can offer beyond the rides.

As a ending note, always enjoy what you like and what you love to eat, because that is one of the most wonderful experiences of being alive and travel around.

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