Monday, March 6, 2017

Chia Pods Product Review

Chia Pods
(03-06-17) --- OMG! This things are actually quite interesting, I have to confess I never had one of these things until last week and now I have a small obsession that  I consume at least twice per week.

I get this little things on the supermarket that I work at, of course I am not going to make a reference because I have no contractual obligations to mention them in any of my blogs. Yet, is quite refreshing to find some novelty products here and there in Florida, because as a consumer there is not too much variety for products here in this State.

Chia Pods, where I work and purchase them on some occasions they cost US$2.99 plus taxes which is not bad, because I've seen some other "snacks" that cost twice the most and have more sugar than Oreo Cookies filled with cocaine; but, still the Pod's can be quite fulfilling and flavor wise they aren't that bad.

On a cooking group that I am a member, as well is run by family, I posted the photo that I am using over here on this this entry, and a member said the most amazing way to describe chia seeds covered in gel "I feel I am eating tadpoles" and is not far away from having an overactive imagination. As, after I ate the chocolate one, I started to gaze at the vanilla pod and thought "OMG, she was right, this looks like little tadpoles" probably, at this moment that's what I would think whenever I see chia seeds everywhere.

The company that produces this little cool snacks is located in Australia, it was founded in 2003 by a wheat farmer named John Foss, who wanted to introduce chia into a more commercial enviroment. What is cool about the Chia Pods as a product is that is vegan, kosher and low in sugar and it has different flavors such as the ones you seen on the photo which are vanilla and dark cacao, there are also apple, banana (which is the other flavor I'd seen in real life), coconut and mango.

There are more products which they seem to be quite interesting albeit I haven't seen them here in Florida but I wouldn't hesitate to try them, is something about food if I know I am not allergic too (only things I am allergic are fishes, craw-fish, shrimps, lobsters, you just name it is all the delicacies of the sea).

I would totally recommend this product, it was such an interesting experience and I enjoy it, also it was cheap which is something that I would recommend even more, because it's budget friendly.


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