Monday, March 6, 2017

Peanut Butter vs. Hazelnut Butter

(03/06/2017) --- I probably like hazelnut better than peanut butter, I always enjoy the flavor of something sweeter, while a good friend of mine that we know each other for a long time and my hubby, just to name two of many people they enjoy peanut butter better than hazelnut, I even scream at people the word "Infidels" whenever they say to me they enjoy P.B. better that Nutella or any of the spin-off that are in the hazelnut butter spreads market.

Yet, some other people had called me a heretic for not having the soul of enjoying peanut butter, but to be honest I can't, is just dry, dry as the love my mother had to me. I do enjoy eating, I won't deny that but sometimes certain products are just way too expensive because of the labels they contain, albeit not for the nutritional value they "supposedly contain" because if we analyze it, "organic", "fair trade" "humanly raised" etc... are just labels that rise the price of the product and they don't contain anything that concrete about the product itself, it just gives the idea that is better for the consumers.

I won't deny, the flavor from Justin's is actually quite decent, even if it contains some of the pseudo-scientific elements that I hate seeing in food, such as fear mongering on biotechnology, but then if a small squeeze bag is on sale I would give it a go; and is probably one of the reasons I know the flavor of the Justin's brand because to be honest I am not paying US$15 for a jar peanut or hazelnut butter, is just way too much and coming from a brand that the parent company is Hormel, which sells products less than a dollar each.

Once Again
I love the logo and the typography from Once Again, is just cute, really adorable. Also I fear raccoons in real life and I wouldn't feel tempted to get close to any trash panda if I see one, I won't deny it I do love them on illustrations as I think they are cute like fluffy kittens.

I am going to do a marketing analysis about this brand on my other site because it's odd to see a gorgeous logo that emulates children books' illustrations. I wasn't to keen of the flavor, but I will say it was quite crunchy and that is always a winner with me; even when I contacted their customer service online, they replied really quickly (within a 12 hour margin) and they explain what other products they sell and where to find them.

As a marketer, I always appreciate when a company takes their time to reply inquiries, especially with mobile media as I send my questions through Instagram. They replied that on Florida their products can be found on Whole Foods, Richard's Emporium and the Fresh Market; besides, obviously online.

Some of their other products involve peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, tahini and cashew butter. Tahini, has been in my head lately, I feel that I need to go out and find one brand I enjoy, maybe next weekend.

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