Saturday, March 18, 2017

Zambia Smokehouse Amazing Place at Busch Gardens

Zambia Smokehouse
(317/2017) --- OMG! I need to try much of the menu of this place in Busch Gardens, is probably one of the best ones in the park. It is just nice to enjoy some smoke meat around the rides and just watch people have fun.

One aspect whenever you live in an area where you can find theme parks and you don't go as a tourist, you have enough time to go and explore every single little detail of each theme park. I guess my next goal when I am more in depth with Busch Gardens Tampa, is to go and finally explore the main parks of Walt Disney World.

Many years ago, I had an idea into creating a blog, where not only I would talk about the rides or the theme park events, but also about the food you can find. Yes, theme park food has a fame of being "bland" or bad, but whenever you have the time to try the menu's you can find some fascinating stuff as well different options to enjoy while you visit the parks.

Another aspect that I always find fascinating is that whenever you go to the theme parks as a local, you can enjoy and see what people are doing. Is kind of odd to say it, but to sit down while enjoying a coffee, snack or something to eat is just fascinating to see what people are doing. I enjoy watching the large groups of tourist or the families that go and spend the day in one section of the park, the teenagers who are riding the coasters for a first time or the elderly who sit and enjoy.

Beverage Menu
Is such a different feeling to go as someone who has no limited set amount of time to know the park in depth. The Zambia Smokehouse, is one of those places that is worth when you live in the area and you like theme parks, to go and eat different items of the menu.

Zambia, offers some of the stuff that can be found around the park such as the pudding's and other sweets, but is the only place in Bush Gardens that offers a smoke option to the food. The brisket from what I heard I know is nice, but I went for the smoked chicken, it was one of those situations I wanted to play safe.

Smoked Chicken with Fries and Bun
The smoked chicken wasn't bad, but I feel it was finished cook on the oven rather than to be smoked; but I won't deny the next time I go I will try the brisket because it looked amazing when I was in line but I already made my mind.

One of the things I enjoy about eating outside is to see the different options, but I do not enjoy where there are some misleading product placement and people are "hooked" into the restaurant by observing an idea that doesn't probably apply fully, in this case having some smoked products outside which they look amazing but the real deal fails on some extent.

The kid menu doesn't seem that bad, it offer some nuggets and smoked turkey, which it doesn't sound bad to try it also. If you go, try to find the meal program that you pay US$20 (aprox) per person and you can eat all day, is per person but is not bad if you are in large groups, but if you are by yourself and spending an afternoon is not worth it, mostly if you are going to eat lunch or dinner without no one else.

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