Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Creating a Profit with Novelty Drinks

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino by Bustle.com

(7/11/2017) --- Let's face it, all of us we had tried these novelty drinks at a certain point of lives; we even get involved whenever there is a new novelty item at your favorite fast food join. I got obsessed with the steak doubledillas at Taco Bell and eventually later they became an item in the regular menu; albeit, their breakfast menu sucks a lot.

Everyone remembers the craze that happened earlier this year with the Unicorn Frapuccino (1) that Starbucks released for an extremely short time, that was the preamble of what the summer drinks would become. It seems almost every year, developers at chains develop more crazy concoctions that anyone can ever imagine but at the end these things have one element in common to bring more revenue to the different companies.

There are some interesting aspects about these beverages, from different marketing and commercial perspectives that involves a hybrid use of product placement and social media, by executing some free publicity with some crazy hashtag that will bring more customers in to their different locations. Of course, there is a minor backlash, that it can also bring some negative publicity if an influencer doesn’t like the product.

These hand-crafted beverages bring customers who want to quench their thirst or try something new, but how this drinks that involve sweetness and creaminess often bring sentiments of nostalgia of the childhood in which people enjoyed their summers in a carefree manner; it is imperative to know even in this era where the sales are in a decline (2)

The offers are wide varied in names and product, such as the unicorns, Lucky Charms to Mango Iced Teas, in which the struggle to bring more people and spend on their services has become difficult (3). Imagine you go to any commercial plaza, there is a Best Buy or your favorite supermarket and around it there are plenty of other business. Each business is competing with each other, and the customer is the one who has the ultimate choice.

This is a mere offer and demand game, mixed with some ideologies that borderline into the pseudo-scientific side that consumers can reach with one click in Facebook which can also affect the restaurants and fast food chains revenues. Some people would say there is nothing wrong with an informed consumer but in reality, an informed consumer can be as ignorant as any other consumer that is moved by trends in the market.

Yes, there is nothing healthy within these drinks but with moderation and if you don't have any gastrointestinal or neurological issues, you can still enjoy eating outside. As anything packed with lots of sugar, calories and coloring's, constant consuming of this items of course will bring some consequences to the body.

The game play of this drinks is a mere mechanic to make the customers, regular customers and try to "hook them" into purchasing more than a drink. Think how many times you go inside a restaurant or any franchise location, you ended up seeing a novelty drink and then you think what can goes good with it? Maybe you buy a bagel or something sweet as a slice of cake that surely the place made there or in the case of the franchise it's promoting a local business by offering their products over the counter.

The drinks themselves should be very unique, follow a pattern that it will appeal to the consumers really quickly and they will promote it on social media, as is the niche for a much bigger marketing and advertising field. The creation of this drinks is almost as a piece of visual art, they must be colorful and catchy, they have to conquer the eye first before going straight to the stomach but also on the branding, the companies have to put the time frame on a limited time to influx the people into a frenzy.


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