Monday, May 4, 2020

Ellianos Coffee Shop Review

So, I haven't write in a while; depression mixed with suicide attempts destroyed my creativity for a long time and it wasn't until not long ago that the spark started to come back again as well to go out (yes, I take precautions with this pandemic and I been minimizing my contact with people)

So, I love traveling and I enjoy eating, I enjoy discovering little gems around everywhere but also ordering products that get my attention, it can be antyhing that I find adorable, cool and tasty; so since going to a new place, the husband introduced me to a new coffee chain that has been on his hometown for a while is called Elliano's and it has been there for a while but I never had the chance to try it.

I love it, the flavor is amazing and I am enchanted with their chocolate mint coffee freezer, is superb, for the first time I can't review the enviroment because the chain is essentially a drive-through and parking lot is also minimal, so in this case I am reviewing the customer service.

The customer service is amazing, why is amazing? Because little things like saying please and thank you are words that aren't common on customer service anymore, as well references to hope to see you soon, which is good and great a the same time, the little bit I saw from the inside the production area looks super clean and everything is organized, but on the premises my only complain for newcomers like me is difficult to know where to go to pay as well if there are two windows to complete the transaction.

The coffee menu is small but is so complete, it offers flavor and consistency which is what products like coffee should have. I been there twice, and I rarely write a review so early as I tend to go for a month before making any judgment but I am super pleased with the coffee and their sales prices as they are cheaper than Starbucks.

The one I ordered was a Cookies and Creeme Freezer which was so rich and creamy but also the body of the coffee was firm and delicious, I have no words to express the happiness to see the foam and how the whip cream separated perfectly from the coffee drink itself making it an absolute perfect blend.

I recommend going to Ellianos, is just perfect, and also they serve breakfast and bagels which they honestly got me as a customer now.