Monday, April 19, 2021

Betty's Pizza, Coming Back 11 Years Later

I haven't wrote in over a year, but slowly it's coming back after almost a decade of writing on and off, as well with other hobbies that were inactive because mental health wasn't at the best point.

This is not a recipe, and somewhat of a restaurant review but also is a way to say I am back to write, at least one entry per month since I am achieving my professional goals at almost my 40th birthday.

The first time I went to Betty's Pizza was around 11 years on of the times I came to the area of Alachua County to visit for the day who was my boyfriend and eventually domestic partner since he worked near, and I was hungry.

I stopped because I wanted pizza, there was no other motif; but 11 years I decided to come back when we moved to the area and my surprised is that the placed hasn't changed a bit in the last decade, is essentially the same, but most importantly the flavor is exactly the same as I remember with the pizza.

Betty's Pizza is in the middle of the country side of North Florida, the area hasn't changed that much either, there are some roadworks but overall the area is almost unchanged minus some new houses and a few new stores.

It's just pretty around it because it's surrounded by trees and lakes, it gives such a different approach to eat outside as it gives some peace and quiet while you are outside. I have to say the service is super great and casual, it has that old style country hospitality that is not common to see in metropolis and it gives an extra charm to the place.

 The atmosphere is super casual, super comfortable, it's such a charming little place with a big personality and it gives peace of mind while eating or just waiting, and is not far either from the main street of Melrose, Florida; the town itself is super gorgeous and it has that rustic charm, there are some small farmer stalls around it on the wekeends and is not far away from farms that sell their products on the road as well, the experience of visiting Betty's Pizza is just a trip to rural America that is not common to see in major tourists destinations.

Albeit what is amazing is just to remember how flavorful the pizza was as well how the recipe keeps consistency over the years. The sauce is just delicious, the crust is just such a beautiful piece that gives harmony to the sauce and perfectly blends with the cheeses.

Whenever you go to a pizzeria you have to think how three basic ingredients mix in perfect harmony, feel the sauce and the texture of the dough and you know how to appreciate a pizza, the sauce can give the guests a beautiful and magnificent experience at the moment of eating a pizza, everything has to be flavored in perfect harmony.

The memories of 11 years ago that got in my head and let me remember with perfection that beautiful mix of tartness and sweet accompanied with the sweet pizza crust, the cheese and the herbs is what makes a pizza such a beautiful and heavenly experience.

My memories are usually associated with food, happy and sad, eating has become a ritual for me over the years because I went from having nothing to start having stability with my life and going back to a place that bring me  happiness it's just associate with a proper primal reaction but I am not going to further with sensory rewards because I am not an academic writer.

I want to say if you have the chance to go to Alachua County, take a detour outside the University of Florida and find your way to Melrose on the east side and pay a visit to Betty's as is one of those gems that is not well known by people who are from outside the area.

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